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Hello darlings...I'm the girl who's waiting for an adventure to come knocking at my door (in the form of the Doctor or Castiel would be preferred). Mainly a Supernatural (tho I'm trying to cut back now) and Destiel blog. Will be posting lots of other things I love including Doctor Who, Night Vale, Elementary, all the musicals, and Game of Thrones.



Hey guys!! I’m making this post for all of the other students/college students who are like me.
I have a really hard time keeping track of my homework assignments for each class/when they’re due, and sometimes that causes me to get assignments done late because I start jumbling up when shit for which class is due. I know paper agendas are a thing, but sometimes I have projects that aren’t due for weeks, so having when it was assigned 3 pages back isn’t going to help me remember it/keep track of when I should do it.

However! I found this nifty website called!!!

Basically, you can input your classes/class times, and your homework, and set when your homework is due, and it will sort out when you need to get your homework done, and even tell you if you’re late on any of your assignments. It’s even color coded!

You can even set it to when it should remind you to work on your specific homework assignment, set certain assignments to different priorities, and even highlights ones that are due soon (see the one up there that’s in orange, since it’s 2:30am here, that’s technically due today OTL).

 I didn’t even have to make an account, I just hooked it up to my facebook account because I’m a lazy motherfucker!!!!

But yeah you guys should give it a shot if you’re like me and have a really hard time keeping track of homework/when you should work on it/scheduling in general, and paper agendas aren’t flipping the bill.



Remember to take some me time sometimes. Life can be very stressful and busy and strange.

Take some time to reflect, think, and relax. M.O.D. likes to lie in a specially prepared bath of lavender, epsom salts and chamomile by candle light, listening to his favourite calming and spiritual music (that can be found on the tumblr blog musictomagicto).

He finishes off with an herbal sugar scrub he makes himself, and his favourite organic soaps.

He might be a man, but that doesn’t mean he can’t pamper himself every once and a while!

What’s your favourite way to reflect and relax?


Step one: Prepare the bath.

Draw the bathwater to a comfortable temperature- I prefer boiling hot. Then, you add one to two cups of epsom salts, and about a handful of dried lavender flowers and chamomile flowers. In order to intensify the effect, I also add a few drops of lavender essential oils.

Step two: Prepare the sugar scrub.

My sugar scrub is a bit advanced, and I don’t expect you to replicate it, but if you’re curious here’s what I do:

(Instructions that are more realistically doable for most people follow this)

I prepare a mixture of witch hazel, mistletoe (for religious reasons), lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, lemon verbena, cinnamon, and roses. This mixture is kept in a mason jar for use.

I add about two tablespoons of herb mixture to a cup of sugar.

As for something more simple, you can simply just get a cup of sugar and about a teaspoon of cinnamon and mix it. I’ll be making a more extensive post on sugar scrubs soon after this.

Step three: Set up the ambiance

I light candles, and play music. The playlist I listen to can be found a playlist and here as a blog.

Step four: Take your bath.

Soak in the tub for as long as desired.

Step five: Scrub!

Now is time to scrub your body down! Mix the sugar mix with about a quarter of a cup of honey and mix thoroughly- this must be done right before use or the sugar will dissolve! Use the sugar scrub to exfoliate and treat your beautiful skin.

Step Six: Soap!

Now it’s time for soap. M.O.D. uses soaps from The Soapworks since they’re affordable, all natural, and biodegradable. First he scrubs down with pumice soap, and that is followed by a goat’s milk soap. He also uses their shampoo/conditioner bar. Rinse.

Step seven: Clean up.

Clean the tub. Before you drain it, gather up the bigger groups of herbs with your hands. Then, drain. Remember to stay until all the water is gone so you can pick up the rest or use the shower head to send them down the drain.

Step Eight: Dry off

I light to pat down with a towel, but just let the rest evaporate. So yes, I end up just sitting around in my room naked for ten or twenty minutes.

And that is how I take my relaxing bath!


i want

  • affection 

i have absolutely no idea what to do with and am pretty much uncomfortable with and confused by

  • affection


Have courage, like a shark!

Momma has been getting lots of requests for coming out, so Momma will treat all of her babies at once.

The first matter of business is that you must make sure that coming out will not put you in danger.

Your identity is very important, but your safety is a bit higher on the rungs than that. If you are in danger, please, please, please take care of yourself.

Start out with telling close friends or family that will likely accept you. Take steps. Not everyone needs to know all at once.

Before you come out, imagine what questions they may ask you.

Make sure you are well educated in what you wish to tell them. 

They will surly have many questions, so do your best to answer them!

If you can muster up the courage, come out with your statement outright.

If you seem unsure, they may doubt you.

People will need time to process what you just told them. be prepared for this, and do not push information on them unless they ask. 

Also, understand that is may change aspects of your life drastically. It is a process. It will not happen overnight. It’s getting it started that’s difficult.

However, with this in mind, you can be out without being in people’s faces about it. 

M.O.D. actually had a rocky road towards coming out as a transman, but he is glad that he did it. Other things to remember are that you must get the timing right. 

 Everyone’s situation is different, and trust your own judgement. Confide in others that you trust.

Most importantly, be brave.
Love yourself.


This whole bit is made all the funnier by knowing that all of the guards were just random extras who weren’t told what was going to happen only that they weren’t allowed laugh at any cost as they wouldn’t be payed if they did.





so you’re telling me there’s an alien who regenerates into a completely random form, that he cannot control or determine himself, and who understandably could take millions of different appearances, but who all 13 times just turned into a different skinny abled white guy



The only heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you




clap if u feel me

clapping is heard all over the world, scientists have no explanation, it seems that everyone has agreed to clap at the same time, it is terrifying yet quite comforting

And now, the weather


Reddit has a page (r/LetsNotMeet) dedicated to stories about stalkers, being creeped on & strange encounters. The stories here are supposedly true, and are people’s unfortunate experiences. Here are the top 10, that make your heart skip a beat. The real fears in life are ofcourse humans and what we are capable of.

Trigger warnings for everything here. Stories may include sexual abuse, child abuse & physical abuse. 

  1. THEY DIDN’T KNOW I UNDERSTOOD SPANISH: The reason I will always hesitate to take public transportation espically during the night
  2. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHEDI … just … just read this
  3. DR.RAMSEY: He needs to kept in jail for the rest of his life
  5. STRANGER UNDER THE BED: Her story is many people’s worst nightmares
  7. THE SMILING MAN: They made this into a short film
  8. I’M HER UNCLEThe reason to keep a watchful eye on your children at all times
  9. TERRORIZED FOR 2 HOURS: Trust your gut feeling
  10. DON’T TELL MOMDogs are the best creatures on Earth

Feel free to post your own LetsNotMeet stories on this reddit thread or on tumblr. 

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Just a reminder to the world that there is this glorious feminist thing called the Hawkeye Initiative. Where people draw Hawkeye (and possibly other avengers) in various sexual poses that comic artists generally depict women in.












this is my new favourite thing.

for reasons.

mainly dat last one though.


les mis movie memetwo quotes: [2/2]

The physician felt his pulse. “Ah! It was you he needed!” murmured he, looking at Cosette and Marius. And, bending towards Marius’s ear he added very low, “Too late.” Almost without ceasing to gaze on Cosette, Jean Valjean turned on Marius and the physician with a look of serenity. They heard these almost inaudible words come from his lips:

"It is nothing to die; it is horrible not to live."


1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom